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The Peace Arch stands 67ft tall and is situated on the border between Surrey, British Columbia, Canada and Blaine, Washington, United States. Dedicated in 1921, the Arches inscription states "May these gates never be closed."

Who we are

Bradley Kirschner PC is a limited service Certified Public Accounting firm providing highly personalized service to the entrepreneur, individuals with complex tax issues, Canadians living in or doing business in the United States, Americans living in or doing business in Canada, other emigrants or immigrants, and those with estate planning and tax compliance needs. Bradley Kirschner PC is the current expression of the firm founded in 1991.

Our Values

The core value of the firm is that all financial decisions involve issues other than money, and success requires that those values be recognized and integrated into any plan or business venture. Those values include issues such as personal career goals, family needs, lifelong ideals or retirement.


  • Individuals, Estates and Trusts

  • Canada-United States Commerce

  • Growing Business

Disclaimer - The Fine Print

The practice of Certified Public Accountants, attorneys and enrolled agents before the Internal Revenue Service is regulated by U.S. Treasury Department regulation, specifically Circular 230. As a result of the well-publicized activities of some practitioners in promoting abusive tax shelter investments, the Treasury Department has amended Circular 230 to require certain additional disclosures accompany written tax advice given to clients.

The contents of this website are intended to be of a general informative nature, and not to offer specific tax advice. That being said, however, some people will rely on the information contained in this website in formulating individual tax strategies, even though cautioned to the contrary. 

The Disclaimer:

This website’s written content is not intended to be used to avoid any penalty imposed by a taxing authority, nor may any user of this website use this website’s written content for that purpose. Any user of the content of this website should seek an independent tax professional’s advice regarding the user’s particular circumstances.


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